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Agreed with many people here. If BMW had made this an M3 coupe, I'd be the first one in line. BMW took most of the criticisms on the new M3 and made into 135i, e.g. more pistons per brake, covered muffler, refined tail light, shorter front end with more flush kidney grill, smile front fascia instead of frown fascia. Scott has mentioned in several posts that M1 is coming. One would only expect possible M-DCT, weight saving materials on M1 and makes it the fastest M car offering from BMW, not to mention the interior is more appealing, better fuel economy (no gas guzzler tax). That's the direction BMW is going.

The 1er coupe has got the real strong design work.
The rear light is wholly contained within the space between the inside edges of the rear tires. And if you draw a line from the upper edge of the rear light and let the outer edge of the light serve as a guide it'll intersect at the outside edge of the rear tire. Strong design work!