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The main reason of the LC2i with the EPS system OEM amp is its capacity to withstand 40V peaks at its inputs. Your OEM amp woofer outputs are capable of peaks in the 30V range.

This is what could happen with a passive LOC in the long term even when it is custom-build to withstand 30V:

I retired that LOC more than a year ago and moved to the LC2i just for this particualr reason.

My suggestion is:

- set AccuBASS gain to minimum
- set AccuBASS threashold to fully clockwise

That should give you "normal" bass. I do not like any of the Audiocontrol bass manipulation circuits (Epicenter and now AccuBASS) because they do not serve any purpose in our BMW. Actually, they cause problems like the one you are experiencing. And after doing this adjustment you will notice why: the AccuBASS seems to be adjusting itself after time, getting to the point of attenuating all the bass. This is quite difficult to find out under testing as I do not test devices for days, less so for weeks to catch up crap like this.

By setting the threashold to max -according to Audiocontrol- the bass level is "locked" and no AccuBASS effect is applied. Quite confusing but that's Audiocontrol.

Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
I have now replaced every part of the setup aside from the harness and the sub box. I don't care for the LC2i at all. From feeling the terminals on the left side of the unit, I worry that this is where the issue lies and that the connector may not be attached very firmly to what I assume is a circuit board inside the unit. I ditched the XD600/1 amp in favor of an HD750/1 and got another LC2i and a new 12W3v3-4. I am waiting on a response from VP as to whether I can fit a W6 sub in their box as well and I will ditch the W3. I haven't begun researching another option to the LC2i but will this week.

The question that has also continually come up in my mind in addition to a component issue is that since we have to use speaker level inputs is that any changes we make on the equalizer and tone settings in the iDrive affects the signal going to the LC2i. What bothers me about this is that whatever signal is being fed to the oem subs are being fed to the LC2i. So if we increase bass at all via iDrive either with the bass setting or eq settings, we are therefore altering the signal to the LC2i. I am not sure how this plays out once we start changing the settings on both the LC2i and whatever amp you use. I am wondering if we are effectively filtering the signal twice which could then effect the output we are getting.

All-in-all, everything works ok now but not exactly to my satisfaction. I am still not happy as to how much I have had to turn the gains up.

ILSMKU, if you are free this week, maybe we can get together and troubleshoot things.