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Does anyone know if there's a write-up somewhere that would show a comparison between a conventional automatic transmission versus the DCT regarding the friction elements and 'slip' as the clutches engage?

I'm wondering if the OEM is recommending against changing the DCT fluid because of the significantly decreased friction element wear due to the nature of the design of the DCT. If say, the DCT friction elements wear at 5-10% of the rate of a conventional automatic tranny, perhaps this would correlate to that much of an extension of fluid life?

In any case, those who track their cars are definitely asking more of the DCT than those who don't, so I think it would be interesting to see how much of a difference there is in the particulate matter of the fluid removed from a car that's been tracked 15-20x per year versus one that hasn't been tracked at all with equivalent mileage on the tranny.
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