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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
It is missed
I loved the red, only reason I didn't get red again was that it would not have felt like a new car
I like the blue a lot, but nothing like the red
The contrast between the red, and the glossy black trim and CF roof was perfect
Why didn't you buy it?
It sold for a fairly low price

Bingo, that red on black roof/interior it just worked. I like the way the e90 body style shows well in eye catching colors, seemingly better (to me) than the e36/46 Ms. All preference, I suppose.

Sadly, your car was sold by the time I got to the add. Perhaps it was a blessing as I'm likely leaving the country from work soon, but every time I look it sure doesn't feel like any blessing!! : Funny, I wanted an E90 until I saw your coupe