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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
I too own the 5D2/7D combo. When I go into the woods for wildlife and birds, the 7D has my 500mm lens, but the 5D2 is around my neck with the 70-200mm mounted and the 24-105mm in a vest pocked. Before the announcement, anticipating pixel density similar or finer than the 7D, I was thinking of moving to the 5D3 as a wildlife body. However, apparently Canon is positioning the 5D3 to be a superior video camera, where a coarser pixel pitch makes lots of sense.

Despite that fail, I'll be buying a MkIII in a few months because the high-ISO performance and much better AF function will make it superior as a second camera for wildlife. Now, when I switch off between the 7D and 5D2, the AF slow down and refusal to shoot can be infuriating. Hopefully the MkIII will solve that.

The price rise is annoying, but I'm actually surprised that prices on the old models held low, despite the yen/dollar exchange rate working against the dollar through the whole production period of the MkII and the 7D.

I AM looking forward to the 7D MkII now, with the new Digic-5 processor the high-ISO performance should be much improved, which will pretty well address my only complaint about the 7D as a wildlife shooter.

Anyone talking about the 7DmkII yet? or are you just dreaming at this point in time? If it's a dream, it's a nice one