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Originally Posted by M3 Montreal View Post
If you're thinking of the Cayman R you should also look into the Boxster Spyder.

I drove the Spyder at the Porsche World Tour I was invited to last year and I really liked it a lot.

Too bad all the cars we drive were PDK's... It seems that in previous work tours they would go through too many clutches so now all cars are PDK's.

It's a tough choice between the Cayman R and the Boxster Spyder although a new body style is coming out so you may have to wait on that one.

I really disliked the 911's on the track. They really felt too weird. I really felt that the front was too light and all the weight was in the back. They require a different driving style that is completely different from any other car.

If you can get a Cayman R or Boxster Spyder and get maybe 50hp in full bolt ins I think that would be a damn fun second car. I wouldn't have any of them as my main cars just as second cars.
The Sheer Balance of the Cayman makes it a great daily driver, especially with PASM.