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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
I actually totally agree with you on all of these points. There is no question that Israel committed war crimes (Lebanon is just one example of many), and the way they treat the Palestinians is atrocious.

But Iran religious regime is way more extreme than the current government in Israel. More importantly, the government in Israel can be changed with an election, it is a democratic free country. The radical regime in Iran will never change unless the people rise up; which they tried to do (last year), but got no support from the western world.

In short (and again) - Iran going nuclear is one scary thought. However, the latest CIA report suggest that they are *not* even close of having a bomb.

In the middle-east most of the countries require nuclear energy and if I am not mistaken many countries have it and use it. If you make bad use of it and attack someone with a Nuclear bomb then there is not one nation in the world that would be on your side. I honestly really doubt that Iran would use a nuclear bomb to just bomb Israel. They would kill every Palestinian there,take out Jerusalem and turn every supporting country overseas against them. They would really have to be really stupid to do such a thing. I honestly do not believe that they will develop a nuclear bomb just to attack Israel though they may want a nuclear bomb to deter a country like Israel which constantly threaten to attack them and that honestly is in Iran's right to do so. In the US people buy and carry guns in their homes to deter thieves from entering.

Do I like Iran's policies or their Government? The answer is no. Do I support how they treat their own people? The answer is no. Do I support their non-Democratic system? The answer is no but reasons like this do not give others the right to attack or invade Iran and nor does it mean that a country like Iran should not be allowed Nuclear Energy.

I know that the government of Iran consists of religious extremists but this is not just the case in Iran but Israel as well. You can Google the branches of the Israeli government and you can see that their people are pretty much all religious extremists as well. You can also see by looking at their Flag that they are religious extremists. Any country that has a religion placed on their flag is a non-Democratic country but a country made of religious extremists because that country is based on that religion.

Pakistan as an example is one.

Israel is another..

In a true Democratic country the government is neutral with no particular religious views and the government laws and Holidays are not based on a particular religion.