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Originally Posted by Redcapote View Post
Two comments...

1) The Prius is God's proof that stupid people exist abundantly. It has become the symbol of the idiotically conservation minded. You could make a very valid argument as to why a Jetta TDI is cheaper and better for the environment all things considered, but they don't care. They're in the club now. Not that there aren't a few genuine ones in there who aren't smart, but then you have celebrities who buy the Prius. Come on, as if they don't have 5 acres worth of landscaping around their mansion that requires a swimming pool's worth of water to keep alive every week and 6 Mexican gardeners in an old Ford pickup that coughs up oil-filled smoke like a chimney to come over and maintain it. And those Mexicans have to drive on the highway, next to you, from at least 20 miles away. Your carbon footprint just kicked you in the ass for being short-sighted.

2) The Volt is $40,000 before you touch a single option or you add tax, tag, title, anything. In other words, you could buy an ugly Prius for yourself AND an ugly Yaris for your ugly kid, and still point and laugh at a Volt owner. Or if you want to make the Mexican gardeners happy, two Jettas.
Not sure why the discussion has to get so antagonistic, but whatever (I think the Prius is ugly too). I'll assume you own a BMW since you’re on this site and contribute posts to it. I could go make an argument that buying any BMW makes you as stupid as those who buy a Prius. There is no good reason to buy a BMW as there are far more less-expensive, more reliable, and far more efficient vehicles too choose from with less manufacturing impact on the environment, when all things are considered. I could make an argument that if you live in the USA you should only buy a car produced in North America since all 3-Series come to our fine country on a freight ship with God knows what it spews into the ocean along its trip.

Apparently the VW TDI, be it a Golf or Jetta or Bug, is the ultimate and only car to chose for gas mileage. So lest get back to a fascist type of Government and declare the German VW TDI as the only car that should be offered for sale world-wide. Maybe there's a job in the White House for you.

Yes we can argue the disturbance to the Earth for mining raw materials for hybrid batteries, but heck, the same hole gets material for computer and flashlight batteries too. Let's stop all battery production, because apparently using them in a capacity to store energy in a car is stupid. Following your logic, all manufacturing is for "stupid people".

I find hybrid vehicles interesting. And I agree a lot of hybrid owners Prius owners in particular buy them for the I-care-for-the-Earth-more-than-you-do statement they make (to those who believe that - I don't - I own a Hummer), but once produced in numbers that allow a positive ROI and are priced at the same cost as a non-hybrid (re: the Lincoln MKZ), some of the arugment against them goes away.

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