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i have read all mag reviews just as u have, either all of them have discussed the review before writing it, or it really is not that impressive, i for 1 am disapointed, they should have not carbon fibred it and mad it look slighlty diffrent to the 335i and called it a 340i, and then for the people who want the bragging rights of an M and what should be the outright heartpounding adrenalin charged breathtaking car should have made what is going to be the CSL the M3 forget all this CSL malark!! just make a all fire breathing M3 no halfways, its so embarissing for the M department to bring something new to the table which barely outperforms previous models and the 335i, and barely can match the competition, audi MB porsche will be breathing a sigh of relief that the so much hyped M is a 0, sure the CSL may just wipe the floor with the competition but for how much?? £65k- £70k i dont like mercs but id rather av that C63 than a halfway M3! and i have driven the RS4 that from my experiance compared to the reviews is a better car!! obviously will have to drive the M before making that judgement.