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M3 vs C63 AMG vs Cayman R vs 991S

So the journey for replacing my M3 is over. I had a 2009 M3 DCT E92 with issues that were never resolved. I looked around for a replacement car that would make me feel good every time I got in it and not angry at BMWNA for not living up to their end of the bargain.
I drove a 2012 C63 AMG. Big torquey engine, lots of power at anytime. Nice interior. Very numb steering. Little communication with the road-however nice firm ride which I like.
Porsche 991S. Over all a lot like my E92 M3. Very cush, not the classic 911 interior I have experienced so many times before. Very high quality materials and design. No longer the edgy rear engine car I was expecting. Much more hooked up and predictable. Quick but way too quiet-no engine or exhaust noise can be heard inside reducing the aural connection to the car. PDK was boring but competent. Not really a sports car anymore. But a 911 that would be easy to live with every day.
Cayman R. Sweet. Very snug seats and interior. High quality materials. The body has great lines in person. While it is not the fastest car in this group it definitely felt like it: very eager and crisp. Extremely responsive and agile. Most fun I have ever had outside my track car. Definitely can hear the engine. Ride is very firm but not harsh. Even though it has 85 less bhp and 20 lbs less torque than the M3, the car weighs around 700 lbs less. It feels much quicker off the line than the M3-instant torque. The M3 has more top end grunt that I only experienced on the track at 7000 plus rpm. Beautiful steering feel and manual transmission is the best you can buy right now. Bought it. Done. Cant wait to go drive it again. Like being 16 again.

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