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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Well, to be fair, I haven't been to Iran.... but I have been to Israel and I wager that they treat their citizens better.

And I agree, any religious radicals in power are scary as f@ck, and I'm not a fan of the current party in power. But Israel has a democratic system, free press (and very critical at times), and free speech. Iran... not so much.

I respect your opinion regarding how diplomacy should be handled with Iran, and I think we both agree that a military strike would be devastating for the region. However, I do believe that Iran should not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.
As far as people in Iran having freedom of speech I am with you on this one. Most people know that freedom of speech in most countries in the middle-east is pretty much non-existent but because they don't have freedom of speech does not mean that they should not be entitled to Nuclear Power. Currently I have not see Iran attacking any of its neighbors in any wars but I have seen Israel Launch attacks on its neighbors. Also, Iran is a member of the NPT while Israel,India and Pakistan are not so why signal Iran out to be the bad guy

They should keep an eye on members and non-members to be fair. At the moment I see Iran allowing inspectors to enter and inspect sites in Iran and they have been for years while inspectors are forbidden from entering and inspecting in Israel so what gives . You must understand and be fair what is viewed as a threat to one side is also viewed as a threat to another. From the Iranian point of view they have a neighboring enemy constantly threatening to attack them which has nuclear arms so from the Iranian point of view that same neighbor is the same neighbor that helped lead to war and invasion against Iraq because they presented falsified documents and information to the UN which lead the invasion of Iraq. Last and not least because Iraq did not have a proper military and deterrent to deter their enemy they were easily invaded and occupied by a foreign enemy. That is the same neighbor that voted for the Iraqi invasion and war against Iraq so the way I see it from a neutral point of view is that Iran does have a right to worry just as well as Israel does.

Look at what happened to Palestine and Gaza, they lost all the gas fields which are now taken by Israel off the Gaza coast. This is also because they did not have the proper military defense to deter an enemy. Iran has every reason to worry. Did Israel offer to allow Palestine to develop and get the income from the Gas field off the Gaza coast The Israelis are not exactly fair you know

I know that Iran is no angel but only a fool would believe that Israel is an innocent victim just trying defend its self.
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