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Getting into this thread a bit late, I for one am a bit underwhelmed with the 5D3. I have a 5D2 and 7D, and generally find my need for fast AF goes along with my need for all the reach I can get - in other words I'll use the 7D. The 5D2 is my go to body when I have a bit more time to set up the shot. 61 point AF really doesn't do jack for me there. About the only real potential attraction is in the additional dynamic range. I do a far bit of nightscape/starscape shooting and the III may really be a big improvement on the 5D2 there. That's a pretty thin argument for a $1500 (at least) upgrade, though.

I know that every time a new body comes out all the old guard try to justify their now obsolete cameras with the "it still takes great pictures, who needs the new toy" mantra. But in this case I don't really see the 5D3 offering me a whole lot I don't already have.