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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
So I've grown tired of all the bad press the Volt is getting; especially on Fox News, so I decided to test drive one.

All I can say is Wow! I never expected it to be such a nice car to drive. It's no sports sedan mind you, but for the purpose it is built for, it is well executed and effective; it doesn’t suck. In electric mode it is just so smooth and quiet, it makes ICE-propulsion cars seem so last century. I drove it about 20 or so miles on some nice twisty back-country roads in Virginia. It wallows a bit on full suspension compression in high-speed bumps on turns, but it holds its own; nothing a good aftermarket suspension tuning couldn’t fix. For a daily driver with high MPG capability, I could definitely live with it (and I've owned a 3-Series since 1988). The ergonomics would take a bit getting used to, but it is a nice car.
It actually is quite impressive. I don't think GM has done a good job of explaining the car and its tech. There is nothing on the road like it.