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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Well, to be fair, I haven't been to Iran.... but I have been to Israel and I wager that they treat their citizens better.

And I agree, any religious radicals in power are scary as f@ck, and I'm not a fan of the current party in power. But Israel has a democratic system, free press (and very critical at times), and free speech. Iran... not so much.

I respect your opinion regarding how diplomacy should be handled with Iran, and I think we both agree that a military strike would be devastating for the region. However, I do believe that Iran should not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.
I don't believe Iran should have a nuclear weapon as much as I don't think Israel should have a nuclear weapon.

That said, it'd be "almost" impossible for us to prevent them from obtaining a nuke which I wouldn't doubt they are working on, as this would be a deterrent from being invaded and occupied like the two countries that are bordering Iran.

However, make no mistake, they will obtain a nuke if there weren't a campaign that was short of a full blown occupation ala Iraq. Considering Iran has a much more capable military at 4X the size of Iraq with some decent AA weapons sourced from Russia, our casualties would easily surpass both Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Furthermore, from a moral standpoint (unlike that bigot retarded racist OldArmy who hates brown people), I'd hate to have the finger pointed at me as my country is directly responsible for anywhere between 1/2 a million to 1.5 million deaths alone in Iraq, where these numbers would be at least replicated again in Iran.

All this largely due to a belligerent Israeli government (Likud) whom has a hard on for stopping Iran and has taken an active terrorist campaign in the murder of Iranian scientists. Iran is NO threat to the US, which should be all that matters. Furthermore, the former heads of the Mossad also implicate the same that even if Iran obtained a Nuke, Israel would be fine.

I don't want to see anymore blood spilled between both our countrymen and Iranian residents, especially for some other country.

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