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Originally Posted by Blayne View Post
...nvm my post above, if it works and under 2500 I'm sure people will buy it. Mind you, I think one problem selling it would be that I would think most people that would be able to afford it, arnt that stupied. So like me and many others, they probably remeber all the spots where these are located, and know when to slow and such.
Well it would be way cheaper than $2500, but the real problem is regulatory costs, fulfillment, paying for the molds, etc. I would have to go to VC's and that's a whole hassle in and of itself. And I'd fully expect to be shot down by VC's just based on the small market size.

The problem that I see it is that the tickets only cost $150ish. So It would have to be cheaper than that for people to buy it (and significantly cheaper for a company to be viable selling it) And unfortunately that wouldn't be possible even in large volumes.

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