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Now for Something Different - the Volt

So I've grown tired of all the bad press the Volt is getting; especially on Fox News, so I decided to test drive one.

All I can say is Wow! I never expected it to be such a nice car to drive. It's no sports sedan mind you, but for the purpose it is built for, it is well executed and effective; it doesnít suck. In electric mode it is just so smooth and quiet, it makes ICE-propulsion cars seem so last century. I drove it about 20 or so miles on some nice twisty back-country roads in Virginia. It wallows a bit on full suspension compression in high-speed bumps on turns, but it holds its own; nothing a good aftermarket suspension tuning couldnít fix. For a daily driver with high MPG capability, I could definitely live with it (and I've owned a 3-Series since 1988). The ergonomics would take a bit getting used to, but it is a nice car.

I posted a few months ago, that the F30 is not going to fill the bill for me as a replacement for my E90. Iíd like to preserve my E90 now that BMW has abandoned the I-6 in naturally aspirated form. Iíve considered a Ford Focus as a daily driver, even considered an ATS as a replacement for my E90, but the Volt may by my solution. Keep the í06 325i (currently at 167,000 miles), rebuild the suspension (already have the parts), rebuild the driverís seat (just did last week) and keep it as my last BMW. Use the Volt for my 160 mile daily round trip commuter.

Just wanted to share my experience.