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Originally Posted by Merlosso View Post
DCT. I have always had manuals and love them but the DCT seems like a better match for this car.

Of course, if I had ordered it with DCT, I would have answered this by saying I should have ordered a manual.
Very interesting thought! There is no right answer on that. We have a 135i Sport with manual as well. We bought the M3 for my wife as daily driver and she insisted on the DCT. After owning the car now for 6 months and driving stick and DCT back and fourth in our household.. while DCT is nice in many ways, if it wasn't for my wife's desires, I'd rather have a 6mt for the M. Yes, the DCT does so many things so well.. it's just that you are not quite as involved in the driving experience. Initially, I was absolutely wowed by the DCT, but once the amazement of it's performance wears off, you realize that you are somewhat of a bystander as you click away. But we like both transmissions... like I said, no wrong answer here. But looking back, I can see how a test drive would woo someone over to the DCT immediately. It takes months of driving to really know what you would prefer long term. There are things that the DCT can do that the 6mt cannot and that's great.. but in the end it's what your preference is, "involvement" or "performance/convenience". Here's another interesting thought. We won't part with at least one car with manual in the household... we would miss it too much...
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