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Originally Posted by xxclusive View Post
I know I will be sore in the morning so any tips on preventing the soreness or reducing?
Ice baths. Plunging in 55 degree water.

This morning myself and three other fitness junky friends went to the local college football stadium and ran up and down the bleachers, the corkscrew ramps, did kettlebell routines in teams of two competing for time, and otherwise killed ourselves until we were ready to puke. When we work out, we draw attention. Afterwards, 15 minutes in a 55 degree fahrenheit cold plunge, and I felt like I wanted to go out and do some more. I'm 30 years old.

Also, ice baths pull double duty and help you eliminate fat. As will swimming in cool water (between 70-80 degrees F).

Stretching will prevent injury more than prevent soreness or reduce recovery time. Not that it isn't important, you do NOT want to get injured and lose your steam. Rolling out your muscles on foam rollers will help get the lactic acid out of your body, as will massages.