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And the steering never scores more than six out of 10 no matter where or how you drive the car. Nor do the brakes, which suffered from fade on the road and went away badly on the track. Or the fuel consumption, which was regularly down in the mid-teens on roads on which the old car would have hit well over 20mpg.

Should I buy one?
You are not likely to be disappointed by the new M3 because in many ways it is a deeply impressive car, with a huge range of abilities and very few flaws. But if you were expecting a faster, yet more exciting version of the old car, you might want to wait until the CSL version appears which, on this evidence, will need to happen sooner rather than later to truly keep the legend alive. Even so, as an everyday super-coupe the M3 is some motorcar. So long as you can afford the fuel bills.

If I were to agree with you we would both be wrong.