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agreee and disagree...

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I'd be willing to bet they do not have their allocation. Guessing what you will get as your first allocation vs. having one from BMW in Germany is a huge difference. If they really had anything more than their own personal guess they would also be allowing orders to be placed which obviously isn't the case.

We don't have firm prices, allocations, orders nor even build nor delivery dates for the US.
agree here with you swamp. but would not be surprised if BMW's has given their most profilic US dealerships the thumbs up on a very small number of allocations without divulging to them the full extent of their allocation. so in a hypothetical scenario, "top dog bmw" might expect an unconfirmed allocation between 6 and 9 spots based off of their prior sales figures, communications from bmw have confirmed 1 spot for sure. this would explain the conflicting posts we've seen regarding dealer statements pertaining to allocation.

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