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Not quite sure what to make of this. Stock what? The Dinan Stage III provides roughly a 1/2" drop from the stock, non-comp package suspension. If your car is a comp package car, there will be no drop with the Dinan springs. What you will have, however, is increased suspension travel due to the shortened bump stops and therefore better handling, whether on the street or the track. The whole idea behind the Dinan setup is that it provides a subtle decrease in ride height, flatter cornering, and improved handling due to the fact that the suspension travel is actually increased over stock. Most spring kits just provide shorter springs for aesthetic improvement, but decrease suspension travel as a result and actually lead to worse handling. Some people probably ride around on their bump stops in order to get that "slammed" look. The Dinan setup is most appropriate for those people looking for real handling improvements without being obsessed with the "look."