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nope, not drunk at all actually. I was going 45mph and was even 3 car lengths behind the SUV. A bunch of cars ahead were slowing down to rubber-neck an accident on the other side of the road. There must have been a car in front of him that he didn't notice and slammed on his brakes. Then BAM. That's why you see the left side of the car is crushed a lot more cause I had a little reaction time to swerve right. Obviously too little

Upon impact, I was kinda stunned then after all the steam, plastic and other debris settled....I opened my door and walked out to look at the car. I was in complete shock at how messed up the car was. Then ran to the other car to see if the occupants of the SUV were ok. No one was injured or hurt thank God. I literally walked away with out a single scratch or bruise. Pretty amazing.

More than anything it really puts things into perspective of how much damage can occur at 45mph. Imagine this at 70mph? This is why I really do NOT condone anyone who brags about street racing or driving like a maniac on public roads. Why endanger others?

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