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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
Ouch! In all seriousness though, unless you're driving such that your stock brakes would already have overheated, BBK's generally don't reduce stopping distance much if at all; the bottleneck on decreasing stopping distance is almost always tires. Even stock brakes can typically lock up the wheels ridiculously quickly -- think about it, if that weren't the case, then ABS wouldn't really be necessary.

Stickier tires will do more to reduce stopping distance than bigger brakes. BBKs are intended to withstand hard braking longer without fading (at which point you DO lose stopping distance), not take a car that stops in 100 ft and magically have it stop in 75 ft.

I snicker at people who pay ridiculous money to get carbon ceramics thinking it will magically make their car stop on a dime. Those people are delusional. The sole benefit of carbon ceramics is insanely high fade resistance and therefore they only make ANY difference on a track -- and even there, serious track junkies prefer steel because they don't want to pay $8K per rotor, especially considering carbon ceramic rotors can easily be ruined by a single stray piece of debris kicked up on an off-track excursion, at which point you need a new rotor.
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