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Hello All,
Update to my experience. BMW Customer representative was able to get some goodwill help from BMW of America. However, the clause was that I am not allowed to talk about the help given by BMW on facebook or any other forum. I was okay with that too. The other clause was that the service *has* to be done at BMW of Fremont. BMW of Fremont now raised the cost of repairs by 3K more. Basically whatever help I was getting from BMW of America was then been taken away by the dealer. So I have declined to take up help from BMW of America.
I called back to thank the person for her service. Over the duration of the conversation she got frustrated with me and said the case is now closed and she does not want my feedback anymore as everything has been documented and there is nothing that can be done. She went to the extent of not letting me talk and disconnecting the line even as I was speaking. I do not want to keep calling her and discussing my case as I think it is lost cause. I have nothing personal against the representative which I conveyed across to her. I want BMW to take notice that there is one very very disappointed customer out there who put trust and faith in their brand and is now feeling betrayed. I was not looking for help from BMW of America but wanted to provide my feedback to which the representative felt that she has enough documented already.
Also one of the comments made during the conversation was that I should not rely on the indicators from the gauges but have to properly maintain my vehicle. I have always maintained my vehicle at BMW of Fremont and the last service was 2 weeks before the engine died on me. After my service I had also complained to BMW of Fremont that there was oil everywhere on the Engine.
All in all, I am very disappointed in the whole transaction. BMW of America, offered me help that was not helpful to me.
BMW of Fremont was never of any help.
Fellow BMW enthusiasts, my experience has thought me that I will never ever go back to BMW of Fremont. Will I get a BMW in my life...??? that depends. I have lost trust in them right now. I hope none of us have to go through what I have gone through over the past month. Right now my X3 is sitting in my driveway waiting for its lemons. I am attached to the car and do not want to let it go but I have no choice.
Has anyone ever had to deal with BMW and got more help? I know my friends got help from Honda when their car had problems out of warranty. I am just curious to know if anyone has got some help from BMW. If so, how did they approach the situation. I will post pics of my X3 soon.