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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
I'm likely, but later in the year, probably next fall. I'll probably borrow one from CPS, along with the Series II 600mm lens and do some comparing with my 7D/500mm combo. I'm afraid it'll be a trade off between high-ISO performance and detail resolution (isn't it always) and I'll have to make a choice.

This clearly blows the 1D X into the weeds for my usage. It's not going to have the detail resolution of this camera and the Mk III looks to have enough high-ISO performance to satisfy me. Including the X's AF system in the MkIII is HUGE for me. That was the feature that I was Jonesing for in the X, but now I can get it for a lot less money and with better detail resolution.

I don't do bird photography, so the ability to crop isn't high on my priorities like you Dave. What I love about it is the higher ISO capabilities and the much-improved AF. The AF was killing me on the 5D2... hell, it was just as good as my 7 year old 20D! At higher ISOs, I literally had to manually focus many times... on a $2500 camera that's just a fail, imo. That being said, I'll take the higher FPS, HDR capabilities, and better accessories as a bonus.

Honestly, the only thing that's stopping me from pulling the trigger on the 5D3 is the price... anyone wanna reserve my 5D2?

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