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Originally Posted by MaxL View Post
Here is an interesting video showing off the Corvette traction management system I was referring to. They make it look impressive in the the last two modes that allow some slip and let the car lay down a nice black stripe on the turn exit.

The video also inadvertently proves the point that traction control indeed makes it impossible to fully control the car and to learn throttle control - they are mashing the throttle on purpose in every run in a rather tight turn, and still make it. An unsuspecting driver would think that's the right to do it.

An ideal (for track) system would intervene only at the point of no return - when there is nothing the driver can do to prevent the car from swapping ends. Not sure if it's possible at all.
The newer generation traction control came out on the Vettes in 2011 and includes full launch control.The newest Vette that i have driven on track is Steves 2008 z06 and its traction control in quite instrusive when in use.Quite interesting for sure!