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Originally Posted by Rochdale Pioneers View Post
Given (a) Israel's belligerence and (b) how the US deals with nuclear and non-nuclear powers, I'm not surprised Iran wants the bomb. Wouldn't you?

And if it does, then so what? Iran wants to lead world Islam. Imagine for a moment that as Israel alleges Ahmedinnejad is a homicidal maniac and uses his first bomb on Tel Aviv. What do you suppose Israel's response would be? Correct - the nuclear reduction of Iran to a radioactive slag heap.

Iran could not use nuclear weapons on Israel without being utterly destroyed. If it is building the bomb its a defensive measure. If on the other hand we find nuclear weapons offensive and want to disarm the region, its difficult to pursue such a policy with Israel full of nukes and American nukes at Israel's command.
This is what I've been saying all along. People foolishly keep talking about Iran getting ready to bomb Israel. As muslims we would never do that because Jerusalem is a holy place to us. Secondly, why would Iran go through all these sanctions/hardship and then bomb Israel only to be crushed by the rest of the world? Iran is not planning to bomb Israel. It's a conspiracy theory to say otherwise. The only "proof" for such claims comes from our governments who are proven liars.