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Originally Posted by jakc View Post
Do they check that based on how much I report for taxes? I work in the digital advertising industry with pretty long net terms and Q4 profits (biggest quarter) only show up for the following year so my annual salary is usually around half of what it really is.

I'm willing to put down $5-10K, will that be enough? This will be my first car lease and I have never had any financing in the past either.

My FICO last time I checked was around 735 but it's still a pretty short credit history. I have a lot of hard inquiries which dropped it down since I wasn't planning on buying an M3 until summer time when the next gen was suppose to come out but since it's not I thought I'd just settle for the current one.
$5K would cover taxes and inception fees on a M3 lease so $10K would be more than sufficient. Like I said, the dealer wants your business so they'll try their hardest to get you approved for the lease. Only one way to find out is by going to the dealer and getting a deal submitted. Are you in the market for the M3 now? PM me and I'll give you info for Danny at Circle BMW.