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Being able to process on an ipad would be really nice, but there's a lot of "if's".

I would love to try it, but i'm afraid drawing with a finger would be even less precise then a mouse. And this is the purpose when you want to go for a tablet, you want to be more precise. So a pen would be needed. Standard stylus wouldnt work with Ipads.

Also, i'm concerned about the graphic processor; not the processor itself. Would it run LR smoothly? Time will tell.

And one last thing, storage could be an issue. I say "could" because I wouldnt be surprised to see a GIGA format of Ipad3 being part of the lineup; like a 256go.

So while we're waiting for the Ipad3 announcement, I think i'll try a Wacom tablet and see if a tablet is for me first.
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