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1 month update:

I'm stilling very much enjoying KoA:R. There will be a huge DLC coming out on March 20th, I cannot wait for that. Just a few things about the game that I hope will get fixed with the update:
- It's a very VERY easy game even on the most difficult setting, maybe because I'm a Battlemage with fully upgraded smithing/sagecrafting. Nothing, I mean nothing can stop me when wearing full crafted prismatic armor / weapons with %crit, % increased crit damage, health regen. I might play though again as a Archer type to see if it makes it harder.
- Improve the skill tree abilites. It's fun to build your character and respec, however, the skill tree does little to enchance your character. (I'm not talking about a mage character) Most of the might and finess tree are just small things to add to your abilities. Maybe it's because the game is so easy, the skill tree feels someone lackluster.
- Smithing needs to be redone. Maxing out this ability does nothing in the end other than the "mastercraft" armor you create......just to rename later. I'd like to see it give a big increase in salvaging "master" materiels.

All in all, one month later this is still a very enjoyable game. I'm looking forward to beginning a new character and playing though the content again before March 20th. Glad to see an update so soon.....unlike Skyrim
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