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This is exactly what I was talking about previously. Sure Iran has their own problems. Please bear in mind though our muslim countries do have laws that are different from western laws. That is another topic completely. However, what happens in the media is that they spread lies about Iranian links to terror. It all comes back to this fake war on terror. They then couple this with examples of "human right violations" such as Iran hanging someone.

What about the new law in France that stops you from denying the genocide that took place in Armenia? Does that not breach freedom of expression?

What about the corruption in our western banks? We have failing banks that robbed us and we bailed them out and they are still posting losses of 2bn+ and their staff are rewarded with bonuses. Is this not corruption and oppressing the public? Of course it is but it will never attract the same attention as "Iranian terror links" and similar BS news stories.

In more recent news, America has threatened Pakistan with sanctions if they proceed with a gas pipeline with Iran. Why is this allowed? Is this not oppression? are these not the actions of a dictator? This is BS. The only reason people will justify this U.S. move is because it all comes back to the war on terror. Iran and Pakistan are dubbed terror states. Now we can say what we want about them and oppress them in any way we want to and say it is a reasonable measure in the war on terror. BS.