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Originally Posted by jasonX View Post
It is disgusting to this day, that people still believe this propaganda.

The translation is more along the lines of "the regime that occupies Israel must be removed from the pages of history".

The context of Regime would be directed to the Zionist regime, probably moreso directed to the Likud party.

This garbage that the media and our bought and paid for political puppets just attempt to draw up support through Fear-Mongering. That translation at no point indicated they would destory Israel/kill the jews. Iran is home to the 2nd largest population of Jews in the MiddleEast second to Israel of course, and within the borders of Israel reside the 2nd or 3rd holiest site to Islam.

Wishing the collapse of the Zionist regime is similar to the West aiding in the collapse to other regimes in the MiddleEast. This is a nonstory fabricated to fit a bunch of chickenhawks narration.

Iran has not had a military campaign of aggression where they invaded another country for CENTURIES. You'd have to go back to the Persian Empire to possibly provide an example. Yet we are led to believe that their leadership is so nuts that they would immediately blow up Israel which would only lead to their own destruction right? How ridiculous is this logic? If you would like to speak of crazy leadership whom shouldn't have possession of Nukes go google the Samson Doctrine/Option.
All of this. Of course this too much of intelligent talk for the American audience these days.

Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
I wonder why half of the UN leaves the room when he gives a speech... all lost in translation then? All the EU sanctions against Iran unjust? Yeah, Iran is just misunderstood... Well, I'm glad the rest of the world sees it differently and takes action.
What happens when all of UN condemns Israel for its violations of human rights and crimes against humanity? More than 40 resolutions the highest against any country? Oh no problem the good ol US will veto them all, I am sure you got no problem with that.
Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Poor misunderstood Iranians. I guess all those high-end IEDs they made and exported to kill Americans were really just a cry to be understood. Exporters of terror, an existential threat to Israel, 6th century religious whack jobs, agitators without a cause trying to become a player in the big game. Combine their words (nothing lost in translation) with a capability to put a nuc into Tel Aviv and it's time to whack a mole! Shut down the ports, take out the nuc facilities, cut off their oil exports and gas imports, lock down the banking and they'll be able to actually live in the past instead of just talk about it. Just a matter of time 'til they light off a sea-skimmer at one of our ships--they won't have to worry about the Jews.
They made IED's based on US reports, humm, same guys that blame whomever they want for anything. What proof do they really have? Big nothing. Plus if they made IEDs, what do we make? More than 5000 nuclear war heads, 50000lbs bombs, etc...The US military spending alone is more than half the world. Stop being parrot, time to wake up.
All this talk is just increasing the price of crude due to speculation, who benefits? Big old oil companies running this country. Listen to Ron Paul, the military industrial complex is not made up shit, it is all about the good ol $$$