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You see, it's the principle of the whole thing...
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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
So no more head way here. Even if I use the LC2i gain, I have to turn it almost all the way up to get any decent sound. Even then, I have to turn up the gain on the amp. Something definitely is still not right about all this. Everything sounded fine until recently. Light on the XD600/1 shows that it's working properly. Only a red light illuminates on teh LC2i until you jack the gain up pretty high and then the amber "maximized" light starts to come on. Any more thoughts on this? I have the bass on the iDrive set to the center which helps but makes me worry that I'm gonna kill the stock speakers. Should I adjust this up or down?

My LC2i bass settings are at the lowest.
My accubass is off.
My lc2i gain is now at 9 o clock.
my amp gain is at MIN.

Out of the box with all settings in the middle, my subs almost blew. I had never heard them hit so hard in my life. It was WAY WAY WAY to much bass for me. I think somethings wrong if you need to crack them all THAT high.
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