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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
WOW, 6.2L to get 451 Horses out. M3 takes a "tiny" 4.0L and squeezes 414 HP. With 6.2L, Bimmer would get out 800 HP...
Sounds like Chrysler has too much influence on that GAS GUZZLER!
Don't be ignorant. 800hp out of a naturaly aspirated 6.2 liter V8 might not be so reliable as a street car.

Reason BMW makes 414hp or 420hp (depending on where you are) from their 4.0L is because it revs to makes it's HP with a sacrifice in TQ due to low displacement. Mercedes on the other hand uses high displacement to make a lot of TQ and the 6.2L going into the C class is actually detuned otherwise it makes 500hp+ like in the E63, CLS63. Reason the Merc motor isn't making 100+ hp per liter is because it cannot rev as high cause it has a long stroke.

Yes BMW could make a 6L Making 600hp+ but it would have to be a V12, so it could retain the short stroke the M3 V8 & M5/M6 V10 use.

It's going to be tough to call which car will have the advanage on the street and which will own on the track. BMW has the weight advantage but the Merc has emough power to have a better power to weight ratio than the M. The Merc wont handle as good im sure.