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Originally Posted by Gabri343 View Post

Auto (italian):
Z4 M Coupè 0-100 km/h 4"9
0-1000m 23"62 (997 S 23"51)

M3 Ring time declared 8'12"
Z4 M Roadster tested 8'15"
Yes...the M Roadster is 8:15. Still no official time on the M Coupe (that I've been able to find anyway) except "faster than the M Roadster"

Steved did you ever get a chance to run some laps in the M Coupe at the 'ring? I was in germany with mine for a few weeks but with moving and break in, I never made it. However, if you look at my sigpic closely, you'll see I made it through break in, and to the speed limiter.

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