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Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
On a course as long as the 'ring.... R compound tires are worth a lot more than 2 seconds!

I can't wait to see the comparos.

Me, I'll still take the M3 no matter what kind of numbers the Benz produces. I looked at getting a used C55 very closely -- I really liked it. In the process, I became familiar with the market for a $60K+ C-class. There's isn't much of one! If you really like the C63, don't stand in line for one. Wait a year for a used one, or buy a new one then, with a big discount. If I find I don't like the E92 M3, and want to waste some more money... that's what I might do.
I bought my C32 when it was one year old, and took advantage of the huge first year depreciation hit all cars take. But I took a huge hit also when I sold it to buy the M3. Unlike M cars, AMG cars depreciate like mad even after the first year -- especially the C class AMG because it is so expensive in comparison to the standard models which look almost identical. The fact that MB introduced the bargain basement C230 sport package that looked identical to the C32 (except for the wheels and exhaust) also killed the resale.