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Originally Posted by ILC32 View Post
No, because the 8:12 is reportedly on standard tires. R tires are wroth more than 2 seconds, right?
On a course as long as the 'ring.... R compound tires are worth a lot more than 2 seconds!

I can't wait to see the comparos.

Me, I'll still take the M3 no matter what kind of numbers the Benz produces. I looked at getting a used C55 very closely -- I really liked it. In the process, I became familiar with the market for a $60K+ C-class. There's isn't much of one! If you really like the C63, don't stand in line for one. Wait a year for a used one, or buy a new one then, with a big discount. If I find I don't like the E92 M3, and want to waste some more money... that's what I might do.