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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
While reading the "owners manual" which I say loosely since it's barely a few paragraphs for the LC2i, it mentions the GTO feature as being factory defaulted on. Should this be changed when using a remote wire? Does this feature not work in our cars for some reason?

I am asking cause I am still baffled as to why I suddenly lost bass from my setup. I have so far double checked the wiring, changed the ground position, installed a new ground terminal since the one that came with my setup allowed the cable to slide right out, bought another sub and changed out RCA cables. None of this has helped so far. My last three options are the harness, amp and LC2i. If I can make time today, I am going to install a 1000/1 amp that I have here to see if the symptoms go away. I am really unsure of what else to do at this point. This simple install has turned into a nightmare.
1) With car/iDrive OFF, open trunk and have a good look at the LC2i and your aftermarket amp. They should be ON.

2) Leave trunk opened, go away and come back in about 10 minutes.

3) Take a look at the LC2i and the aftermarket amp: they should be OFF.

4) Open the driver's door.

5) LC2i and the aftermarket amp should be ON.

That tests the OEM remote wire. GTO is irrelevant if you connected the thin black wire directly to the LC2i and then the LC2i remote out to the aftermarket amp.

1) Connect aftermarket amp inputs to the LC2i MAIN outputs.

2) Set LC2i gains (all of them) to min

3) Play a 50Hz tone and adjust LC2i MAIN gain until is loud enough for you from the driver seat.

That should be it.

Remember, the harness is only wires connecting the OEM amp woofer outputs to the LC2i high level inputs.