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Originally Posted by M3onTwomps View Post
I must've missed where he insulted you.

But, I'll go ahead. You come across as an arrogant prick.
OK guys sorry to take this terrible bait. I know the thread has already been hijacked quite a bit but I guess I just can't take this one "sitting down"...

M3onTwomps: No comment was needed from you, period. Someone misunderstood my post (perhaps a few), I agree how it could have been easily misunderstood. I stated clearly what I meant and my posts demonstrated evidence of my real intent. I'd even bet if you read a bit more carefully you would see that. Epacy and I worked out our minor tiff pretty much like gentlemen and now you have to pull in here soaked with gasoline and belching insults as well? I ain't going to stoop to your level. My reputation as quick, fair and knowledgeable stands for itself on this board. Keep on topic and go find someone else to pick a fight with. Ugh.