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Hi guys, purchased the Alpine angel eyes about 8 months ago, still lovin' them!! Below are some new pics for your enjoyment .

However, one thing: I have a problem recurring again, and that's the CC-ID 379 error code coming up. Please see my old post below. I was gonna take it in for Alex to take a look at, but never did because it went away. It just came back though, and I wanted to stop by and have you guys take a look at it. Is Alex's number still the 0808? Thanks!

(Notes about the photos: These are AEs @ 8000k, with factory 4300k headlights on. note the blueish/purplish tint of AEs. photo taken w/ 5D camera. This is the true color, most pics come out wrong looking green etc..)

Originally Posted by pucsicsal View Post
I'm getting a CC-ID 379 error code now as I drive. It comes and goes. I believe this error code is related to the angel eyes, though I wasn't able to find much on Google. The HIDs work fine aside from this.

Has anybody else had this issue? I had Alex install it for me up in L.A., so obviously it shouldn't be an installation issue. It started doing this about a month after the install. It's very annoying having an error code pop up 3-4 times during my commute. They were installed about 2 months ago.
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