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Originally Posted by Dammmittt View Post
Steved, thanks for the great write up. What I want to know, and I think Gabri was going in this direction, is how does it handle compared to the Z4M? It's obviously got more power, but how does it feel when hitting turns hard? Also, what's the weight balance look like? Is close to 50/50 or more like 52/48?

P.S. I love your car collection.

Yes, it is quicker than the Z4M. Handling wise the Z4MC can be quite twitchy on the limit, due to its short wheelbase whereas the E92 M3 like M3's before it is more benign at the limit and in fact I would say is 'easier' to drift than the E46 M3. You will really enjoy driving it, it allows you to dig deeper into its talents than the E46.