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1998 BMW E36 M3 Individual

Car: 1998 BMW M3
Service: Stage 3 Paint Correction, Leather Clean/Condition & General Interior Clean
- This vehicle is rarely driven (maybe around 500km a year). It's parked in an undercover parking lot, but covered in dust and bird droppings.
- Very heavy scratches all over the car especially on the bonnet and the boot. Swirls/spiderwebs everywhere!
- Bonnet is covered in watermarks and bad etching in the paint work.
- Sand and dirt on the leather, Steering was chalking & interior needed a good clean.
- No panels have been wetsanded, under owners instructions.

There are plenty of photos taken, so keep scrolling down.
I've divided this up into 2 parts - Exterior and Interior. I've also got Before, During and After for both parts. Enjoy