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Originally Posted by r53s65e90 View Post
Attached is what I am talking about. 09 E90 with DCT. I have no car with skid marks. And you are right it seems to have changed in 2012 as I can tell from the 2012 user manual.
Yes, same spot, different icon.

Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
I read a few mentioning about the "hazard" light flashing for DSC intervention... Not sure about this. When you say hazard light, do you mean the red triangle on the centre console (between the two vents) or the DSC light in the gauge cluster? Have any others seen this ?

On my car (2008 M3) it is the DSC light in the gauge cluster that flashes (first pic).

In my wife's S4 (2006) the ESP icon is as per 2nd pic. It seems more recent BMWs are also using this symbol.
Yes, mine looks similar to the second pic.

I think the confusion of the "hazard" light has to do with the actual hazard light button with red triangle near the A/C vents in the very center of the dash. I thought that red triangle blinked when DSC was activated. But maybe I was confused, or mistaken. Or maybe with a different model?