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Originally Posted by bimmerwithholes View Post
sounds like bs.....BMW told me no breakin required. I break it in anyway...anyway i doubt you'll get warranty hassle for improper breakin
Do what you want, but I seriously doubt anyone with half a brain told you no break-in required on any car. Unless you bought used. Just go to a BMW dealer and look in the top right corner of any new car's windshield... the breakin instructions are right there.

Also, for people asking about the E60 M5... It had two different break-in recommendations. One for the motor, 1600 miles below 5500 rpm, and a second for the tranny, no S6 before 3000 miles. BUT, there was no dealer lock out of the features, the car would rev past 5500 and engage S6 if you wanted.

The E46 M3 breakin was just 1600 miles for the motor/tranny.

BMW does a full fluid change, engine and diff, at 1600 miles. There have been some rumors of M cars running different oil during breakin, which then gets replaced with Castrol 10-60 at the 1st service.