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Originally Posted by M3 Montreal View Post
I agree that ZL1 is sick.

I would have to say its a lot more than just suspension. Have you seen the Youtube videos of all the phases that were put in to design the ZL1?

Take a look at those 5 videos they call "Phases".

Aerodynamic's , balance (51/49 front/back weight) , brakes , 24 hour track testing, etc... It's a very exciting car and when you see what company it's in with the 7:41 Ring time it's damn impressive.

I would really be surprised if the 650 HP GT500 can get anywhere close to that lap time.

It's exciting times and the first time an American car other than the Z06 or ZR1 has impressed me.
I agree that the new ZL1 is going to be a monster. I have yet to read anything bad about that car. It is amazing that GM got such a heavy car to perform so well. It will be interesting to see how it holds up on the track after extended runs.

I put my name on a 2013 ZL1 last week. Finding a 2012 allocation for MSRP wasn't working for me so I decided to wait for the next round of cars. I should be able to place my order this summer for a fall delivery. The added time will also help me scrape together some additional funds.