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Originally Posted by m630 View Post
Actually its the best, most enjoyable transmission that doesnt have a 3rd pedal. The M6 is my daily drive for the past 3+ years and I love SMG for all driving situations.

Suprised you didnt love the M6, but thats a different question, but, you will never ever get to enjoy SMG though until you own it, no test drive or even weekend in the car will be useful. However, once you drive the car for a period of time, it becomes natural and feels exactly like you are driving a traditional manual transmission, except you dont have to press the 3rd pedal. But as I write this, understand the implications, if you dont like driving a manual car, you wont like the SMG, its not meant to be an auto, nor a DCT, so you have to go in understanding this, and then you can set the proper expectations.

good luck
I must disagree on a couple of points. DCT and PDK are better (I still don't love them).

I agree that a test drive will not sell you on SMG, in fact quite the opposite.

I do like driving a manual transmission, and that is the reason I don't really like automated transmissions around town (they are great when you are up to speed). It always feels like the car isn't quite sure what you want it to do, it slips the clutch a little more then I would, then the clutch engages an quickly releases (resulting in a 'knocking' sound).

Enjoy your M6