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Originally Posted by AnotherCar View Post
Interested in possibly moving to a E60 M5 once my 335 is sold. I drove an M5 & M6 both w/SMG trans yesterday. Didn't like the M6 at all.

I loved the M5, but driving the SMG trans around town seems to be a huge PITA & kills any enjoyment you get from having the car unless you are mashing the gas. I don't know about you, but I don't mash the gas pedal every time I get behind the wheel.

So how do you get the SMG trans to shift pleasant enough to be able to enjoy normal driving around town?

I played w/the M Drive settings via iDrive, but nothing made it enjoyable.
I owned one for a year (DD), around town SMG is not good and will not be good. You can learn to make it better, but it is a system built for speed not town use.