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I really like some of the wheels because of their design, but....

1.)Theres just one wheel from Adv.1 TÜV certificated in Germany. So that doesn´t prove anything....

2.)I wouldn´t buy wheels from a company that starts selling wheels in Germany without being TÜV certificated, that´s just poor.

3.) On the first pages you talk about having this certification and then on some pages later you talk about that you now have the certification.

4.)Should I comment on the guys you work with here in Germany? ( Before you tell me I don´t know what I´m talking about, compare the first two letters from my hometown and where their located. I know them...)

So now I hate myself for wasting my time on this.....

EDIT: but btw, reading this whole thread was really more interesting than any episode of CSI!

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