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Originally Posted by Epacy View Post
someone calls you out
There you go again. I see that I am the second person you have "called out" on this one thread. Who the fuck are you, the internet police? Why do you feel that it is your duty to "call people out?"

Look dude, I'm just trying to get some answers to some personal questions from the only guy I know of that has actually driven the new M3. I currently have a 335. I'm in the position to place an order for an M3 if I wish it. Do I want to spend 3000 bucks to upgrade my 335 or $10000-$15000 on upgrading to the M3. Simple as that.

The only person ruining this thread is you with your nitwit comments trying to "call people out." Get over yourself. Nobody wants to wade through all of your waste of space internet policing posts. You should be embarrassed. In fact, I'm a bit embarrassed that I am now associated with your stupidity. Please, for the sake of your beloved internet, or at least this thread, take my earlier advice and STFU. Now, hopefully this can be done and Mr Davies will see fit to entertain my original questions.

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