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Originally Posted by VictorH View Post
So what did they look like? Were they all loose and sloppy? Were the cages worn? Can you give us an idea about an estimate of the amount of wear those bearings had?

How many track days per year are you running and are you running R-comps or slicks?

The old bearing assemblies looked perfectly fine with no visible signs of wear. My only symptom was bad knockback (even on the street). The huge 380mm rotors probably amplify things too. If I still had the fully floating stock calipers on the car, I'd probably be on stock bearings for years to come.

I haven't really kept count of my track days with the car but it's safe to say that I've logged over 60 days on R-comps. Unfortunately an injury will keep me from hitting the track for at least 4 months so track testing will have to wait. My abandoned parking lot test showed marked improvement, so I'm hopeful that the fresh bearings and knockback springs solved my problems.